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Protein Binding Sites Tools

ProBiS is a web server and a computer program for the detection of structurally similar protein binding sites and pairwise local structural alignment.

Detect Structurally Similar Binding Sites

Input a query protein or a binding site and the ProBiS algorithm will structurally compare the query independently of sequence or fold with 37643 non-redundant (>95% protein structures.

ProBiS allows:
  • The detection of global or local similarities in proteins across folds
  • The detection of structurally similar binding sites even on flat surfaces
  • The detection of structurally conserved binding sites (fingerprints) of the query protein
  • The accurate superimpositions of similarly or differently folded proteins
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Pairwise Local Structural Alignment

Input two proteins or binding sites. The ProBiS algorithm will compare the structures based on geometry as well as physicochemical properties and return their local structural alignment.

ProBiS allows:
  • The sequence or fold independent alignment of two proteins
  • The comparison of binding sites in cavities as well as on flat surfaces
  • The accurate superimpositions of binding sites or entire proteins together with ligands
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ProBiS-Web Server RESTful Web Services

The ProBiS RESTful Web Services interface allows an efficient programmatic access to the ProBiS web server from your scripts.

  • The comparison of a binding site (defined by a ligand) against the non-redundant PDB
  • The pairwise alignment and superimposition of PDB structures
  • Fast response and no need to install any software
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ProBiS-Database Access

ProBiS-Database is a repository of all-against-all local pairwise alignments of the non-redundant PDB composed of 37643 structures.

ProBiS-Database allows:
  • Fast access to ~420 million pairwise local structural alignments
  • You can do most of the things that you can do with 'live' ProBiS server (but faster)
  • Widget to allow access to ProBiS-Database from other web pages
  • ProBiS-Database RESTful web services interface (different to ProBiS-web server web services)
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ProBiS in Brief
Query structure is shown in Jmol colored by the degrees of structural conservation.
Structurally conserved residues (red) correspond with the GDP binding site.
Local pairwise structural alignment of two differently folded proteins.
Similar proteins are ranked by Z-Scores. A red star indicates different Protein Family (Pfam) than that of query.
Local pairwise structural alignment is presented as a table of residue-residue correspondences.
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ProBiS is developed at the National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia