As of Jul 31, 2015 your protein is compared with 42270 structures
  • There are two ProBiS web pages out there: ProBiS at maintained at the National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia, and ProBiS-CHARMMing at situated at the National Institutes of Health, USA. Why is that? ProBiS-CHARMMing has additional functions only available from inside NIH: it enables energy minimization of predicted protein-ligand complexes and their interaction energy calculation.
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ProBiS Algorithm

ProBiS program aligns and superimposes complete protein surfaces, surface motifs, or protein binding sites. It enables pairwise alignments as well as fast database searches for similar proteins or binding sites. The program can find similar binding sites even in proteins with different folds. ProBiS program is parallel, for single or multiple CPU platforms, and implements the latest ProBiS algorithm (Parallel-ProBiS algorithm).

Download Latest Version

Latest Version (2012/08/31):   ProBiS-2.4.2 Source Code      ProBiS-2.4.2 Documentation (Updated on Nov/12/2012)

Old versions are here.

Installation Instructions

For installation of the ProBiS source code on Ubuntu (or similar system) do the following:
  • Unzip the distribution. A directory is created, in which there is the source code of ProBiS algorithm. Change to this directory after the unpacking is complete.
    $ unzip probis-{version_number}.zip
    $ cd probis-{version_number}
  • Compile ProBiS source code into executable program.
    $ make probis
  • When compiled, type 'probis' to start.
    $ ./probis

Required Libraries

ProBiS requires Open MPI library, GNU scientific library and GNU C++ compiler. Installation of these libraries for Ubuntu is easy:
$ sudo apt-get install openmpi-bin libopenmpi-dev libgsl0-dev g++


Video Tutorial full screen
  • Scientific : konc [at] cmm [dot] ki [dot] si
Release Notes
  • Mar 14 2016: Added color legend for superimposed proteins
  • Feb 23 2016: It is now possible to download the predicted ligands as text file
  • Feb 1 2016: Fixed clustering of protein and nucleic ligands, consequently there are much more in the output